Denver Real Estate Attorneys

Denver Real Estate Attorneys must be well versed in issues that attorneys in other states may not be.    This is particularly true for Denver attorneys who represent clients not only in the Foothills but in the mountains as well.   Riparian rights (water rights), mineral rights, and even other types of renewable energy concerns can be in play for larger tract purchases.

Colorado’s situation as a tourist destination and land characteristics beget a larger condominium market than other states.   In resort towns, such as Vail, buildable land is at a premium.  Consequently, condominium issues, easement issues and utility issues are often in play.   Long term leases might be substituted for “fee simple” interests because underlying land may be government owned in certain resort towns.

Colorado’s distinct soil issues even bring about concerns over swell during rains following construction.   Colorado also has a relatively new and complex set of statutes dealing with construction defects.

Add all of these issues on top of the typical concerns regarding clear title, enforceable sales contracts, financing, liens, and surveys, and Denver attorneys who focus on real estate must be at the top of their game.  Fortunately, Denver is home to some of the most accomplished real estate attorneys in the nation.  Even national firms not based in Denver (such as Ballard Spahr) have top-flight real estate attorneys heading up their local Denver offices.

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