Denver Litigation Attorneys

Litigation involves lawsuits and other forms of dispute resolution between parties. When people talk about litigation, primarily they are referring to a lawsuit between two or more parties that is filed and resolved through the court system. However, there are other methods of resolving disputes, such as arbitration. Sometimes the term “litigation” is still used when an arbitrator, not a court, decides a dispute.

Denver has a robust legal market with many top-flight litigation attorneys. Often times these litigation attorneys will concentrate on a particular type of litigation. For example, some attorneys specialize in family law, and will appear in family-related disputes such as divorce, custody, and other matters. Some Denver attorneys specialize in wills, trusts, and probate matters. Some specialize in large commercial disputes. Then there are some specialties which call for the litigation attorneys to practice almost exclusively in federal court, such as patent, copyright and trademark law (often referred to collectively as intellectual property) and bankruptcy.

People would be wise to choose their litigation attorney carefully and ask for evidence of past experience in a particular subject matter area to ensure the attorney is versed in the issues and law in question for a particular type of dispute.  It should be noted, however, that Colorado and other states have limits on how attorneys may advertise themselves as “specialists” and any attorney that is asked to give evidence of past experience in a subject matter field may not wish to use the term “specialist” in describing their practice.

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